What to Do When Your Best Friend Replaces You

Added Date - Dec 30, 2015

Being replaced is never easy, and it can be especially difficult when your best friend finds another bestie and you are the one left behind. In your life friends will come and go, and some will stay with you forever while others are only in your life for a shorter period of time. Instead of sitting at home and becoming depressed because you feel left out get out there and make some new friends. Just because your best friend has someone else that they are spending time with this doesn't mean that you have to be by yourself. The world is full of interesting people so make an effort to find them. Think about what your interests are and then work on them. This is a great way to meet other people who like the same things that you do and give you an opportunity to form new friendships.

You may feel hurt or betrayed when your best friend replaces you but don't let these feelings have a negative impact on your life. It is very possible that the two of you have grown apart. Be happy that someone you care so much about has a full life and many friends, and then work on adding more interesting people to your own life. It is very likely that your previous best friend still cares about you and values your friendship, but even if this is not the case negative emotions over the loss will only hurt you. Focus on the other positive things in your life and realize that as you grow and age you will have many friends. When you make an effort you may be surprised at how fast you find another best friend who you have even more in common with than the last one.

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