Today ask yourself how can you be that water that people are thirsty for? What is the need out there? What you see is what is part of you. For example, if I'm frustrated about how many homeless there is in LA, than there is something in me that can help out. Instead of just complaining about it, I will do some phone calls and volunteer, or I can just walk in the streets of LA and give away blankets for those cold nights. Be that fresh water that people are longing for, that people need. On the other side, you can be working too much and you don't have time to go to the gym to work out, but at work there is an empty room that no one is using, why not offer to have a gym there. You have found a solution to your own challenge and provide service to everyone around you, who had the same problem and challenges. Yes both of those examples you may not get money out of it. Water does cost in the U.S.A but it does not cost anything in Canada. Sometimes your ideas will be free for others and sometimes people will pay for your service. Ask yourself are you only going to provide water if the person pays you or are you simply going to be who you are and give water to everyone? Do you only give because you know you will receive back or do you give freely? If you give freely God will bless your life in ways you never thought was possible.

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