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  • You're gonna miss this you're gonna want this back you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast.

    Added Date - Jun 16, 2015

    high school senior quotes

    As a high school Senior you probably can not wait to graduate and be done with schools. Whats the rush though? When you are older you will usually look back on your last year of high school as one of the greatest times in your life, and wish that you could go back again. Right now it seems like a bother, and you are looking forward to adulthood and becoming independent. Relax, take time to enjoy the here and now instead of being so focused on the future that you fail to enjoy what will be one of the best years of your life.

    Once you move on from high school things will change forever. You will start to grow apart from some of your best buds from childhood, and adult responsibilities will start to accumulate. As the years go by you will think back on your senior year at high school, and you may regret the opportunities that you missed out on because you were in a rush to move on. Right now you do not realize what a treasure you have all around you. Don't wind up with regrets later on because of your actions today. Spend time enjoying your senior year, that way you have the memories when you are older and you reminisce about this time. You will think of this time fondly instead of wishing you had not taken it for granted.

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