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  • The only way to achieve greatness in life is to have patience, consistency and discipline.

    Added Date - Apr 05, 2024

    The only way to achieve greatness in life is to have patience, consistency and discipline.

    A quote from David Goggins, who as a former Navy Seal and acclaimed endurance athlete, knows a thing or two about achieving greatness. Achieving greatness in your field, whatever it may be, takes time. You need to be patient with the process, whether it is learning a new skill or refining your approach to any challenge. Patience is an essential aspect, otherwise you will never keep going to achieve everything you can, and instead give up before you get there.


    Consistency in what you do impacts all aspects of your life. To be great at a sport, it means consistency in practice, your approach, your diet and fitness regimes. In business, it can mean keep going in the face of rejection, when it can be easier to just stop and try something else instead. Doing that thing over and over, every day, not only increases the chance of success, but it improves your performance. By staying focused and keeping going, you are training yourself to be great.


    Finally, discipline. Look at the people leading their field, and you will see people who dedicated themselves to something. The best sportspeople eat correctly, they are asleep when others are out partying, and it pays off. But it is so easy to go for the fun stuff, discipline keeps them taking the right approach. It’s the same with anything, stay disciplined and on track with whatever you are doing. Stick to it and that is the route to achieve your very best. Be disciplined and greatness is at the end of your journey.

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