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  • Life is Too Short to Wait.

    Added Date - Mar 02, 2015

    life is too short quotes

    Many people take for granted the time that they have on this earth, putting off things that they want to do or experience with the belief that there will always be time in the future for these dreams. Life is shorter than you think, and there is no time to wait or waste because before you know it you will be gone and all of your unfulfilled dreams will forever be left unfinished. If you spend all of your time working you may have a nice amount put aside, but you can not take it with you when you go and you will have missed out on the things that make life worthwhile in the process. You never know when your end will come, it could be much sooner than you expect.

    Putting off your dreams and the things that you want to see and do during your life is a big mistake. Live your life to the fullest, putting a priority on the things that are important to you. A balance of work and relaxation will help you have a life that is rich in experiences and that is far more fulfilling. Once you start to put things off until the future it will become easier to keep delaying it, and before you know it it will be too late. Enjoy every second of the life that you have, taking time to enjoy a beautiful sunset or stopping to smell the flowers. Instead of putting things off until tomorrow do as much as possible today, packing each hour of your life with the things that you want to do or achieve before you go. Life is too short to put off the most important things.

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