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  • I Came Up.God Came Through.

    Added Date - Apr 23, 2020

    I Came Up.God Came Through.

    I Came Up.God Came Through. Meaning that when you succeed at something or you excel this is god coming through, and you did not get there on your own without some help from above. Nothing that you do or achieve is on your own. God gave you the skills, intelligence, talents, and other attributes that lead you to succeed so it is important to give thanks and understand that this would not be possible without the grace of God. Far too often people take credit for the successes and good things in life while blaming the Lord for everything that goes wrong or when bad things occur.

    God has a plan for your life, and he knows what is going to happen. You still have free will so it is up to you whether you accept God's grace and let him come through or not. Success is not necessarily measured in terms of money, power, or authority. When God comes through you are successful, whether you live a humble and quiet life of poverty and charity or you are a Fortune 500 CEO who donates hundreds of thousands to charity each year.

    Every positive thing that has happened in your life is because of God. At these times you allowed God to guide and assist you, coming through so that you could move up. Sometimes people take credit when it is not deserved instead of crediting God, the true source of the success. When you move up take time to thank God for guiding you, giving you the inner motivation and tools needed for you to be successful in the first place. When you finally reach the top don't forget who is responsible. God!

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