Never lose your happiness, problems come & go! Happiness is your own property & you'll always keep something which belongs to you.

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  • King Lewis

    Happiness is always around the corner, sometimes the problems or situations at hand will distract you from your happiness, only makes us human, no one is perfect and if one is happy all the time it could make one wonder if they are truely happy or hiding a soul of pain. If we were only ment to feel one emotion God wouldn't of given us so many to feel and express ourselves. One should rely on self, angels and God to turn life around and give us the compass to follow our hearts back to him, that is where true happiness lies.

  • Beatzonlock

    Yeah i agree. I mean life is too short isn't it? And we should be always happy no matter what and be thankful to God for everything he gave to us even for problems? Because problems are our lessons and damn it we always get stronger after every problem in our life. So yeah just be happy !!

  • RizzWick

    Right they can try but they will never succeed in taking away your dignity smiles and happiness come and go. today your up tomorrow your down .Life is what u choose to be.

  • nancy-ebrahim102

    Happiness comes from within, people that are not truly happy will not want you to be happy, people that are not successful, will not want you to be successful and will try to drag you down, people that are not following their heart will not understand when you do start following your heart. That peace and happiness that comes from within, no one can take it away from you. Be strong and keep walking on the right path; your own and you will always be happy no matter what's going on from the outside.

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