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If you know someone is already taken respect their relationship, don't be the reason they end up single

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  • nancy-ebrahim102

    I'm not sure if I agree with this quote. What if a woman sees a man with his girlfriend and falls deeply in love with this man. Should she keep it secret and never find out "what if" or should she tell him how she feels. I'm not saying that you should seduce a man just to sleep with him and be the reason of a break up. I'm saying that if a man or woman is so drawn toward someone that is taken, should they open their heart and risk it and tell them how they feel or should they be quiet and never know if maybe they are the ones that are true soul mates. You see a lot in movies couples that are together but are not truly happy. And then someone comes along and they realize what was missing in their own relationship. In conclusion I think if this quote means, don't tempt someone and seduce them just for selfish purposes, then I agree. Leave the couple alone, and respect it. But if someone falls deeply in love, or feels something so different for one of the couple, I think they have the right to open their heart and reveal how they feel for that person. You can always choose at the end who you want to be with.

  • Cherry

    Most people these day's just don't give a damn about other people's relationships. People don't stay faithful these days either smh that's why I stay single most of the time because its a waste of time.

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