Don't let other people bring you down. Cut out the negative people in your life and you'll see positive results.

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  • Cherry

    So you beat yourself up because you have problems. I get that but listen to me just for a second. We all have problems and we all wanna give up sometimes. Why hurt yourself or take it out on yourself when your feeling the same thing everyone else has felt? What are you feeling? Fear, Betrayal, Hopelessness, Sadness, Loneliness, or Regret. If not one of those then its something like that right? Or maybe your bullied? Why hurt yourself over someone else? You wanna teach them a lesson or you just wanna get through to them someway. Ill tell you what you should do. Keep trying in life, do the best you can do, and ignore them. That'll show them that no matter what anyone says or does you'll keep going and what if they don't stop? Do not be afraid to fight back! Don't become the bully but stand up for yourself. Over all don't think your not worthy or your not important because you are. I'm sure you've heard it many times before from many other people and its just so hard to believe but its true. Yes all this stuff is easier said than done but each person has potential and a destiny for greatness! Anything is possible and your only limit is yourself. You can do what ever you think you can do! So don't you end your life let time end you. And while you wait for time to end you do everything you wanna do! Find love or make a difference in the world, but most important be yourself and don't let anyone tell you can't be because you can be. You can be anything and everything.

  • esthergopperu4

    So very true,being surrounded by negative people feels like your in a dark place and all you want to do is break out,and see the beauty that surrounds us everyday we open our eyes to when we close them at night,God is great for giving us such beauty that is the positive that is around us day by day people sometimes need to be reminded to look around and embrace what they have and live,laugh,love life...

  • King Lewis

    We endure those kind of people through out our lifetime to grow and learn from. Especially within relationships. Everything happens for a reason, and people come in and out of our lives for a reason. Sometimes for those persons to learn a lesson...or sometimes for us to. Whatever the circumstance, we humble ourselves and realize sometimes not everything is controllable. We just need to ride the storm and then bring the sunshine after.

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