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  • Actions speak louder than words.

    Added Date - Sep 15, 2014

    action quotes

    In life actions speak louder than words do. If you care about someone then you should tell them frequently, but you also need to do things to show the feelings that you have. Just saying something does not impress but when words are followed up with actions that reinforce the words it can make a much deeper impression. If you want to help animals then you can talk about this goal or you can take part and make an effort to improve the lives of animals one animal at a time. If you believe in the sanctity of life then you can discuss these beliefs all you want but if you have an abortion then this act will be remembered and have a much bigger impact than all of the words that you have spoken.

    A person of action is someone who may speak few words, but they will take action when this is needed without hesitation or thoughts of their own safety. What you do defines you far more than what you say, and if you say one thing but do another then you are a hypocrite. When you feel or believe in something strongly then you can show it with the actions that you take. Too many people in this world say all the right words but then they turn around and do the exact opposite of what they preach. This is not someone that you want to be, so make sure that your actions meet your words and that both of these are consistent.

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