12 Ways to See if Your Ex Still Likes and Wants You..

Added Date - Dec 17, 2017

After a breakup, you deal with a lot of mixed emotions, but mainly you want to know what your ex is doing. Many people are good at hiding this fact, until you see them post sad things on their social media accounts. Your main question is, does your ex still care? Now, you don’t have to live in the dark. These 12 actions show you that your ex is still thinking about you, and that you could possibly rekindle that flame.

Below, you’ll see 12 ways you can determine if your ex wants to be with you again. There are several other indicators as well, but we’ve found that these are the most common However, there is an off chance that your ex really doesn’t want you back, but they also don’t want to hurt you anymore so they’re still around. What we mean by this disclaimer is, proceed with caution


1.They Come Up with Reasons to See You

The relationship is over, but you still see your ex all the time. They needed to come pick something up, they invited you to go do something, or they’re just sitting around your living room. If your ex is sitting around you, they might still have feelings.

2. You Wake Up to Drunk Texts

They always say that a drunk’s words are the truest words they could ever speak. So, when you wake up and see a ton of drunk texts on your phone… your ex is still going through feelings. Especially if those drunk texts happen at 4 a.m.

3. They Admit They Miss You

If you are having doubts about why your ex is still around, just ask them. Sometimes, your ex will even come forward with this information on their own. If your ex is telling you that they miss you, then they still want to be with you.

4. They Keep Reminiscing

If your ex keeps talking about all the memories that you shared together, then they probably aren’t over you. They keep bringing up these memories because they are trying to remember what it was like to be with you.

5. They Mention Your “Competition”

If your ex is bringing up members of the opposite sex that they are hanging out with, then they’re probably doing so to try to make you jealous. If you show that you’re jealous, then they’ll think that you’re still into them, too. It’s a lot easier to just talk to your ex, rather than giving into this passive aggressive behavior.

6. Your Ex Still Goes to the Same Places

When you’re in a relationship your partner learns everything about you, and this means they know where you like to go. If you keep seeing your ex at your favorite restaurants, bars, and stores then they’re probably trying to bump into you. If your ex was completely over you, they would be avoiding these locations.

7. You Still Have Sexual Tension

If you’re hanging around your ex and you still have a flirtation, then it means that there is still some underlying connection. However, be careful, because sometimes your ex just misses the sex and they don’t miss you at all. So, you should be careful if you’re going after an ex that still flirts with you.

8. They Are Active on Your Social Media

If your ex is liking all your posts and looking at all your snaps then they probably are still interested in you. However, sometimes your ex will like your statuses to remind you that they’re around to mess with you. Either way, if an ex is on your social media, they’re not done with you yet.

9. They Touch You All the Time

If your ex is constantly putting their hands on you, then they probably want you back. They might linger too long in a hug, or they might put their hand on your knee. Either way, you don’t have weird lingering touches with just friends. Also, touching is a sign of ownership, so they’re trying to show others that you are still connected.


10. They Act Funny When You Talk About Dating Other People

Your ex may say that they just want to be friends, but wait until you talk about your dating life. If you bring up going out on a date, you’ll see their whole demeanor change. Someone that still loves you, is never going to want to see you with somebody else.

11. They Ask Your Friends About You

If your ex wants to keep track of you, they know they can just ask your friends. Your ex might ask if you’re seeing anyone, if you still mention them, or if you are still upset over the breakup. If your ex is poking around, chances are they still want you.

12. They’re Nervous Around You 

When you have unfinished business with your ex, you’ll notice that they can’t be themselves around you. Now, don’t mistake them being cold as them being nervous. If an ex is cold then they really want nothing to do with you. However, if an ex is jittery, it probably means they still think about you.

These are a few of the many ways that you can tell if your ex is still into you. Just be careful when you’re navigating these waters, especially if they are the person that broke up with you! If you’re the one that doesn’t have closure, then every little move they make will look like they want to get back together with you!


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