Who are you putting first in your life? Your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, you, your mate or God. What are you living for; to have more money, to be famous one day, to be able to purchase whatever you want, or to have power over others. Whoever you work for is your God, and whoever you live for is also your God. So did you allow your God to be money, fame, power, things of the world or are you living for God your Creator and working for him. If you are then you are building a kingdom, because you become King and Queen if you live for God and work for him, but if you live for money, fame and power you have chosen to become a slave. Because those things will never make you feel you have enough and you will always be working like a slave and feel lonely surrounded with it. To live for God your Creator means to have him first in your heart, and when you do so you say to God: "God you are my priority, show me your way, not mine, show me what is my next step in my spiritual path not the normal path that I'm seeing everyday but my own path, open my eyes so I can see the signs and open my ears so I can hear the words that will lead me to your way. Anything I do, I want to do for you, help me to discover the skills you have given me, the talents that I have so I can put it in good use for you God and for others. And I know that once I do so , you will reward me with all the things that I ever desired on earth, because your my Father and a Father always wants to please his son and daughter. But first I want to show you, how much I love you and make you proud of me and of my accomplishments here on earth. " This is what it means to put God first, to put him first in your heart and to love him with all of your heart, soul, mind and body. He will reward you, trust Him, He will give you what you desire, don't you think He knows best what your heart desires, more than you do. You may think you want something badly or someone badly in your life, but it may not be the right thing for you, or the right person for you, but if you let God choose for you He will give you the right things and the right person that will love you for you are and will give you the support that you need in your life. Trust Him, have faith in Him, believe in Him and give him your life and God will not only bless your life, but will shower you with all the things that your heart desires.

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