What are you living for? Who are you living for? I will keep asking those questions until you find the answers. Take the time to write it down. Are you living to make a living and pay bills, and buy things. Or are you living for a reason that is beyond the material world. Until you detach yourself from the material world and truly find out why God has sent you on earth, what is your purpose and what your heart is longing for, you will never be happy, no matter how much or how little money you have. You will tell me money will bring me happiness, I will never have to think again how to pay my bills, or if I have enough gas for the week, and I can spoil myself and spoil my mate. Do not seek liveness in the things that you can have. To feel alive, happy, accomplished, satisfied and be blessed by God, you need to follow your heart. What if following your heart is doing a job that doesn't bring much money? I'm sure it will bring you enough money to have food on the table, and to be able to be self-sufficient. God will test you and He will see are you following your heart, or you going for easy money, or for something else because it brings more money. Let me tell a story that I heard from one of those motivational sparkers. A mechanic was always diligent and going to work every day on time, was always serving his customer the best way possible, and doing his work from his heart. That was his passion, the other mechanic was always jealous of him, he always felt the boss was treating him better and he was only dreaming of taking over the business, because he wanted more money, but his work did not come from his heart and he would be neglecting customers, and saying Im not getting paid enough to do the work that they expect me to do. 25 years has passed and the mechanic was still diligent, he was just content with what he was doing, he never really worked for money, but always was great in what he was doing and how he was treating others. The other mechanic asked one day:"why are you working so hard, we are not getting paid enough" He answered, whatever I do, I do it for God, I don't do it for my boss. Whenever I treat someone with respect and love, it's because that's the way I treat God and that's the way he treats me, I am a servant of God and he expects me to do my best." A few days later, the owner of the Company, wanted to retire, and he was thinking who would be the best to take over. I'm sure you guessed that he picked that mechanic that was flawless in his work, and he gave it to him free. Did not even sale it to him. After 25 years of following his heart and never working really for money, he became the owner of a garage, free and clear. This is a true story, in case you were wondering. God will bless you with money and things that are from this world, only if you follow your heart. Do the things that you love, and love will find you, blessings will be pour into you and into your life and you will feel euphoric in the midst of the troubled world that we are in. Find your own paradise, and the only way is to do what you love. If you don't, you loose yourself, you feel slave to money, and you will always feel frustrated that there is never enough. Because what you are truly seeking is to feed your heart not to feed your ego. If you don't follow your heart, you will die. You will be like a dead zombie and you will not feel good about yourself and you will not be useful to anyone. It's o.k if you have a job that you don't like right now because reality is that we all have to make a living and be able to pay our bills, but keep feeding that heart of yours on the side, keep doing the steps toward your goals and dreams. So many movies out there that are examples of working hard and still following on the side their passion. Flash Dance is an example. Once you start taking the steps toward your dreams, you will feel the hand of God helping you and you will know then that you are on the right path. Always keep walking towards your goals, never give up. Just keep walking and you will always feel that liveness in you no matter how much things you have or money you have..you won't even care about it, because your heart is completely filled up when you follow your passion, when you follow your heart.

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