We look everywhere and work sometimes harder then we should, because we are digging in the wrong places to find happiness, love and peace; to find that treasure that we think will be full of gold and money, and success..But you are looking at the wrong place to be satisfied. The key to success, to money abundantly in your life, to your treasure, to happiness, joy, and love in your life, is in your heart. The key to your success it's when you start connecting with your Creator, and you start loving Him with all your heart, soul, mind and body. When you start doing so, God will lead you to your treasure, He will lead you to the people that will love you unconditionally, to the business that you need to adventure in. And you are going to ask me God doesn't care about how much money I can make or I want to make. And I will answer you; you are wrong. Because the more money you make under His love and authority, the more you will give back to the needy and the ones that need a helping hand from you. And if this is not your intention when you have abundance and wealth then you will never be happy, and money will never satisfy your hunger not matter how much you have. And it will become a curse more than a blessing. So start a great foundation with God, and He will give you what your heart desires.

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