We hear often you need to forgive the ones that hurt you. It's not easy to forgive someone who has affected your life, because of their mistakes. What you are not realizing is that God allowed it for a reason. Anything that happens in your life is allowed by God, if He did not want you to meet that person or to live that challenge He would have stopped it. If God allowed you to meet that person or to have a dad that was not there for you or a mom that had issues and was not there for you emotionally it's because you needed that person to make you stronger, to be able to forgive and to let go of all this baggage. Everyone has been hurt by someone, what makes a difference between 2 people is their reaction to it. Are you going to carry the pain or do you decide to let go of it, and set yourself free. Forgiveness does not mean that you approve of their mistakes, it only means that you decide not to be hurt anymore by that person, and you let go of that pain. They will never have control over you anymore when you let go of the negative emotions. As long as you hold a grudge, you are holding on to pain, when you let go and decide that you are not the one who need to punish that person, that it's God's job to do so and you let go of the hurt, pain, anger, sadness that they left you with, you set yourself free and now you are free to follow your dreams. Having anger, being sad, being depressed, being an anxious person will never get you to your dreams. You have to let go of all those negatives emotions to be able to focus on your dreams. The more you let go, the more you feel you are getting closer to your goals and dreams. Love, spread peace and forgive.

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