We all have personal goals that are dear to our heart. And we tend to focus on them until we achieve them. But in the way of getting the dream job, or becoming a famous singer, or having a family don't forget the less fortunate the ones that need a helping hand. Because you will soon realize that you may have everything you need, but if you don't give and only take...you will always not feel satisfied, you will always feel something is missing and you will think that maybe you need that extra car, or a bigger house, or more money, but it's not more material things that you need it's you giving more love to others that you need. Try it for 2 weeks if you don't believe me , give without wanting to receive, give to the ones that cannot give you back, and see how it's making you feel. 2 weeks from your life is not much to ask and you will gain much more than you think so. Because whether you remember or not we are all created in the image of God and God is love. So if you don't spread it you will never feel complete. And you may say, I give love to my girlfriend, my parents, friends..and I will tell you give love to strangers, kids that you don't know, prisoners, abusive man and woman, people that carry diseases, etc..Now you think how uncomfortable it is...and yes it will get you out of your comfort zone but that's what you need to feel alive again. Don't be scared, don't give excuses that you don't have time and just start helping and God will bless your life 10 times more.

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