We all experienced suffering and deep pain in our heart. And we often focus on what happened to us, or what is happening right now and we ask God, the universe, etc why? Why is this happening to me. Well without the suffering that you are going through because of your challenges, you will never feel or know what is true unconditional love. What is suffering has to do with love? When you deeply feel pain, you need to reach God and ask him to help you to go through this tough period of your life. And you know what, God will not only heal you from the pain, but will make you feel his unconditional love. And in return you will start to see things differently around you, cherish the people that are still in your life, the pets that are still in your life, the things that you still have and your heart will start expanding and start realizing that nothing really last for a long time, and you should appreciate every moment of it. In consequence you will realize that the most important thing in your life is love, to give it unconditionally.

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