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How much are you willing to sacrifice to feel free? Free to do what you want, free to be who you are supposed to be, free to work with who you want, free to be with your loved ones when you want it! How much are you willing to let go to get to that freedom? As long as you do things and say things to obtain material things, you will always be in chained with this world and never feel free, those material things that you work so hard for, will not be with you when you leave this Earth! You know what will be with you when you leave, is your soul and spirit, and you will meet your loved ones in Heaven. So think twice of what's really important here on Earth...What are your priorities, and why you were sent here on Earth at this time. You have a purpose and when God chooses to send you signs to guide you to the right direction He will ask you to give it all to Him, He will test you and will want to know what is lying in your heart...Material treasures or love. The more you show Him your love, the more he will show you the way here on Earth to be happy and successful. Isn't that all what we want is to find peace, happiness and success. If you think you can reach all this without God you are fulling yourself. God is love and is your Creator, He created you for a reason, don't you want to know what is that reason, but for that you will have to sacrifice a lot. He may ask you to not put the priority right now on money, but on loving others, He may tell you to perfect your skills and talents for the service of others and not take that high income job that will drift you away from your purpose. He may tell you to leave your partner that is holding you back. The question is are you ready? And how far are you willing to go to do your purpose here on Earth? And believe me when I say...it's all worth it at the end, because He will show you a land that is magical and all what your heart desires will be satisfied, but you got to believe it and have faith in God that He wants you to be happy and to be successful and wealthy. Not all that follow God are poor...There is a lot of riches out there, but God will only show those treasures to the ones that treasure Him first !!!

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