For some of you it's hard enough to find out what your heart desires, you don't need people to discourage you once you know what are your dreams and the steps that you need to take to achieve them. Sometimes you have a clear idea of your passion and dreams, and sometimes you just know the next step that you need to take and see where it leads you. It may just be taking a class to see if you like it, or you know that you want to have a business and so you start dong the steps towards it. Be aware of your friends and family, a lot of them know you since you were little and so they think they know who you are and they think they have the right to tell you what to do. They have the right to give their opinion and you have the right to keep your projects to yourself if you think their opinion will be negative. A lot of them don't mean wrong, they are just not thinking before talking they don't know the power of words, and that one word from them can discourage you completely from attaining your dreams. So choose wisely who you want to share your dreams with, who you want to share your creative ideas with, and who you want to open your heart to. We are not in a physical war it is a spiritual one and as long as you know who and what you are fighting against than you will achieve your dreams in God's timing.

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