Be Patient God Will Make A Way

God will make a way where there seems to be no way. God performs miracles each and every day, and he can make paths where none seem to exist. This is the Lord who parted the Red Sea so that Moses and his people could escape the pharaoh, making a path to freedom where none existed before. Nothing is impossible when it is god's will. If it is part of his plan for you then he will create a path, even if none exists at this moment. When you have god on your side then you can not fail, no matter how big the obstacles blocking your path may be. The Lord will smite these obstacles out of the way and clear a path for you to follow, even when it seems impossible to continue on. If God cleared the Red Sea for Moses and his people then the Lord can remove anything standing in the way of your goals as long as these goals align with his plan for you.

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