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  • You choose the behavior, You choose the consequences.

    Added Date - Jul 11, 2016

    You choose the behavior, You choose the consequences.

    You can not blame others for your life or where you find yourself today. You choose the behavior, You choose the consequences. If you choose to live a life of fun and you are always partying instead of studying and trying to learn while you are in college then you will flunk out, and if you want someone to blame you will need to look in the mirror. Whenever you have doubts about whether you should engage in a certain behavior stop and try to consider all of the possible consequences that this behavior can have. By choosing to go ahead and behave in a specific way you are choosing to accept the consequences of your actions and you have no defense if you are caught in the act.

    If you hang out with troubled people and you all decide to go rob a house then every one in the group should be willing to accept the consequences and face a judge if they are caught, you included. The consequences of staying in school, staying out of trouble, and being responsible are a brighter future and the possibility of financial independence. Your current situation is because of your past actions and behavior, and what you do today will impact your life in the future. Think about how you act and what you do because this will determine where you end up in life. Bad choices mean prison, jail, homeless, or other negative consequences. Good choices mean career success, car and home ownership, and freedom from incarceration.

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