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  • Too many girls want attention, but not enough want respect.

    Added Date - Apr 14, 2017

    Too many girls want attention, but not enough want respect quotes

    Too many girls want attention, but not enough want respect. Young women need to be taught to have respect for themselves and to demand that they are respected by others. Attention seeking behavior may provide instant gratification however it will not gain you respect, and could actually cause others to lose any respect that you have earned so far. When you respect yourself and expect the same from others the attention that you want will come eventually, and it will be positive attention rather than something damaging and negative. Girls are becoming mothers at younger ages because they are willing to do almost anything to get the attention of some boy, never thinking about whether this man will respect them after they have gotten what they were hoping for. You deserve respect and should insist on it, never letting anyone use you or take advantage of you just so that you get the attention that you crave. Respect yourself and stand firm in your morals and beliefs, no attention at all is better than getting attention for something that you will never live down or that will cause you shame in the future. Think about what you do before you do it and always err on the side of caution and respect, not the action that will give you the most attention.

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