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  • Time and tide wait for no man.

    Added Date - Apr 18, 2017

    Time and tide wait for no man quotes

    There are lots of things in life that continue regardless of the season, location, or the time of year. That is why quotes like, "Time and tide wait for no man", are so relevant. When looking at this quote it reminds you that no matter how much you want to plan to do something, there is no way that you can put a stop on time. Regardless whether you leave your house or not, the sun will rise and set, the day will end, and time will continue to pass you by. Time is compared to the tide in this quote because it operates the same way. When you go to the beach you have high tide and low tide, and every day, like clockwork, the tide will come in and go out. There is nothing that you can ever do to stop the movement of time or the tide, which is actually pretty comforting to know that everything moves in cycles. This is a quote that makes you focus on getting the most out of your time, because before you know it opportunities will have passed you by. Go out today, and use time to your advantage to get what you want!

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