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  • Sometimes, sorry just isn't enough.

    Added Date - Oct 28, 2021

    sometimes sorry just isn't enough

    We say sorry like if it was a pinch of salt in our food. It’s so easy to find salt and it changes the food taste so easily and without salt there is no taste to our food. But salt by itself is too much to our taste bud, it needs us to grab it and mix it to our food. The word sorry is the same thing; just salt without food. What are you doing with that salt, what are you doing with your apologies. Have you changed your way or do you think by just saying sorry it will be enough. The salt by itself is not enough and so are your words. To say sorry means to truly be sorry about your actions that have wronged the other person. Not only you hurt that person, but you broke the trust that they had in you and so the only way to truly build again that trust is by your actions. Don't say sorry to go right back to the old you, don’t say sorry to get back with that person without any efforts from your part, don’t say sorry if you are not willing to change your way, don’t say sorry if you don’t mean it, don’t say sorry if you stay the same.


    You are wasting your time and the time of your loved ones or even strangers. To say sorry is to be willing to have that person that you hurt to trust you again and to forgive you. And sometimes people will forgive you whether you apologize or not but they will never want to be in your life again. So before you do something that will hurt that person think about are you willing to loose them; because if you think that they will not find out then you are a fool. Avoid to say sorry and always be good with yourself and others, but if you do say sorry just know that sometimes it isn't enough.

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