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  • Some people create their own storm and then get upset when it rains!

    Added Date - Apr 23, 2014

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    Some people create their own storm and then get upset when it rains! There are people who do not listen to good advice when it is offered, and then end up facing problems that could have been avoided if the advice given was heeded. There are some people who create a storm of problems because they do not listen, and then when these problems start to rain down on them they become upset and try to place blame everywhere else but refuse to take blame for their own actions or willful ignorance. These individuals are responsible for the storm, and the rain that comes with it. You should not complain about something that occurs as a result of your actions. Often when problems start you can look back and see that these could have been prevented if you had taken the advice that was offered.

    An example is a man who was advised by his mother to become financially stable in life before having any children. The man does not listen, and he creates a number of children before going to college and becoming settled and financially secure. As a result the man has to pay a large amount of child support each week, forcing him to work hard and put in many extra hours each week. This man is always working, with no time for a social life and often very little money left over after all the bills are paid. This man complains frequently about the rain in his life but never considers that he is the one who created the storm that brought the rain, because he failed to listen to the good advice he was given by his parent.

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