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  • Remember You Promised Them You Wouldn't Forget Ever. Take Time. It's Memorial Day.

    Added Date - May 25, 2015

    memorial day quotes

    Memorial Day is a time to remember all of the American military members who sacrificed their lives to serve their country and protect their fellow citizens, and those who have served selflessly. These fallen heroes are often forgotten, but on this day of all days it is important that you remember your promise and these fallen soldiers who sacrificed everything so that you could be free and safe from harm. Those who serve and place themselves in harm's way when they do not have to are the real heroes, not some caped crusader. As Americans we have made a promise to honor our military members who gave up everything for their country and the ideals that we hold dear. Remember this promise on memorial day. Say thank you for your service when you see a service member. Bu some flowers and place them on the grave of a veteran that you do not know. Bow your head and pray for all of our troops out there in the world in our defense.

    Without the men and women that Memorial Day is meant to honor the America that we know and love would probably be far different today. Is it too much to ask to spend one day a year thinking about those who gave their lives for us? These individuals should be honored every day of the year for their sacrifices. No amount of honors and accolades can repay the debt that we owe anyone who serves honorably in our military. A thank you or a small gesture of gratitude, something as small as paying for a veteran's meal, will show these heroes how much you appreciate their selfless sacrifices to keep you safe.

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