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  • Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.

    Added Date - Dec 16, 2015

    Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.

    The saying choose your battles carefully is one that everyone should heed. Battles which are too big to win should be avoided if possible, but if a battle is too small then even if you win it won't matter. Before you decide whether a specific battle is worth fighting consider what you could win or lose, depending on the outcome. Waging war over something small and insignificant could cost you a lot and give you little in return even if the battle is won. Trying to fight the advancement of modern technology is a fight that can't be won, and this is a battle that is too big to take on by yourself. If the odds of winning being small kept everyone from trying then this world would be a much different place today though. Sometimes one person can have a dramatic impact on the entire world when the fight is over something that the person feels very strongly about, and this impact can be positive or negative.

    One of the best known battles was that of David and Goliath. One small man pitted against one enormous giant. When David decided to stand up to Goliath he probably thought that he would lose yet he did it anyway, and his victory showed what one person can do with courage and commitment. There is no point in fighting over trivial things because in the end whether you win or lose this type of battle it won't matter. Your time and energy could be better spent in other ways instead.

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