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  • One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes. Make Sure It’s Worth Watching.

    Added Date - Mar 15, 2024

    One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes. Make Sure It’s Worth Watching

    This is credited to musician and author Gerard Way, and goes back to that old adage that in a near death experience, or as you do actually die, your life flashes before your eyes. The thing about daily life is that it is very easy to get yourself into a routine where you feel comfortable. But that routine of work and whatever may not be how you envisioned life.


    By reminding us that there is only one chance at this, and we should make it worth watching, Gerard Way is telling us to step out of that routine, go beyond the comfort zone and do the things we really want to do. Not only will doing this enrich our lives in the moment, but also remind us of the incredible opportunities that simply living life can bring.


    But it is more than that. Telling us that one day our lives will flash before our eyes is a reminder that eventually, we will all die. Importantly, we don’t know when that is coming. No one does. So to make that life worth watching, we must try and live life to its fullest every day, because there are no reruns or do-overs for life. We get the one, and that is it. Life is an adventure, one we can never see the ending too, so live life in a way that makes it all worthwhile every day.

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