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  • Once you feel you’re avoided by someone, never disturb them again.

    Added Date - Aug 05, 2022

    Once you feel you’re avoided by someone, never disturb them again.
    Once you feel you’re avoided by someone, never disturb them again, meaning maintaining your own self-esteem is very much important when relating with people. 


    In life, we meet many people daily, weekly, and monthly. But unfortunately, out of this set of people,  not everyone will give us the right attention and time we truly deserve in life. Sometimes, people we least expect may be trying to avoid us without knowing. But through certain signs, responses, and hints, you can sense that clearly. I understand that, sometimes, getting ignored or avoided by others can hurt deeply. No doubt. However, you need to know that your self-respect among people is highly essential. You must realize that only you can nurture your self-esteem, confidence, and well-being. When you identify that certain people are not bothered about you, simply know that it is hightime they don’t need you. Rather than reconsider getting close to them, move forward and further. You might feel it is a selfish idea, But NO! Being ignored is simply an insult, and to avoid that, you do not need to associate yourself with people who do that. 
    In conclusion, there are lots of wonderful people around that really need someone like you. They need people that value self-respect and true friendship. Therefore, try to expand your network with the ideal-minded set of individuals who will treat you the proper way you deserve. 

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