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  • Nothing is nicer than having someone who Appreciates you in the smallest things.. Accepts you in times of hardships.Comforts you when you're troubled.Loves you no matter what and is simply happy for having you in their life.

    Added Date - Oct 03, 2016

    having someone who loves you quotes

    When you fall in love with someone it completely changes your life, and this experience gives you an opportunity to have someone in your life that holds your best interests at heart. There is nothing nicer than having someone who: appreciates you in the smallest things, accepts you in times of hardships, comforts you when you're troubled. This person loves you no matter what and is simply happy for having you in their life. Love can be a tricky thing, it can be filled with bad experiences, or it can be one of the best things that ever happens to you. This quote refers to having a positive partner in your life that wants nothing more than to support you. When you find the person of your dreams they want you to be happy, healthy, and well adjusted. Anyone that cares for you will make sure that they make time for your needs, and that they show you every day how much you mean to them.

    The end of the quote is actually the sweetest part, because the person that you are with is going to love you just for being there. When you have had several relationships you learn that people don't change, and that you just have to accept people for who you are. The best thing about this is that your partner will feel the exact same way about you. They will look at you every day, even at your worst, and just be happy that you are in their life. It is nice to feel appreciated, and you are never as happy as you will be with someone who treasures you for just being you. Love can be tricky, but when it happens between the right people it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Make sure you treasure the love that you have in your life, so that your partner knows just how much you appreciate them.

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