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  • Mother that loves their kids will never teach them to hate their father.

    Added Date - May 23, 2022

    Mother that loves their kids will never teach them to hate their father.

    Mother that loves their kids will never teach them to hate their father, meaning mothers should ensure they build the spirit of love in their kids rather than hatred.


    In today’s society, women are mostly responsible for the welfare of their kids irrespective of any situation they find themselves in. Mothers naturally are known to have strong unconditional love for their offspring regardless of anything. When it comes to the bond between both father, mother, and kids, it is discovered that most kids form a stronger bond with their mother than with their father. In a situation like this, they tend to develop more preference and relies more on their mother’s advice, decision, and parental training. However, for some kids, it can be the opposite. While for some, they just have a deadbeat dad, and due to that, they attend to develop hatred for their father. Being a father should not excuse you from performing your fatherly responsibilities. Despite the fact that we know that many men today have failed to respect and honour their responsibilities, it is extensively advised that mothers should try to train a child's mindset to love their father, whether he is an absentee dad or not.


    When a child is young, it is easy to control and build their thinking, mindset, emotion, and mentality about their dad. As a mother, learn to portray or say better words about their dad. Doing so shows the level of your maternal love for your kids. 

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