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  • Man makes plans and God laughs.

    Added Date - Oct 13, 2021

    Man makes plans and God laughs meaning

    Man makes plans and God laughs meaning no matter how good your planning looks, life is unpredictable. When it is time for the unexpected to occur, it will happen.


    Everybody has a plan in life. It may either end up impacting you positively or negatively. But the truth is that even when you are very conscious, the unexpected can still occur. Your dreams might be very realistic but when a situation wants to take place you can’t stop it. The road of life is full of ups and downs yet the world is filled with eye-catching opportunities and bad times. You can create a dream that can be working for you and within a few minutes, an unusual situation can set in place. Sometimes, it may cause a big setback to your life which could be very heartbreaking. Despite that, some unusual situations can bring good fortune or opportunities. Then what do we do? It is important you know that life is full of a high degree of uncertainty. Therefore you need to spend your life well and prepare for the unexpected.


    No matter the situation you are experiencing, do not feel discouraged. Let your mindset be full of positive ideas. Program your mindset to view the unusual situation like it is bound to happen and you were prepared for it. Although, it is very difficult to do that especially when you are in a big mess that you couldn’t have imagined. But do not feel humiliated. Move on. And when you do, it will reduce the possibility of bad things occurring in the future.



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