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  • Make Sure Everybody In Your Boat Is Rowing And Not Drilling Holes When You Are Not Looking.

    Added Date - Mar 02, 2023

    Make Sure Everybody In Your Boat Is Rowing And Not Drilling Holes When You Are Not Looking.

    "Make sure everyone in your boat is rowing and not drilling Holes while you are not looking." Refers to the necessity of responsibility and trust in any collective endeavor. It elaborates on the importance of collaboration and working relatively with people. This means that this saying can serve as a reminder of what it takes to succeed for any sort of group, could be a sports group, dance team, or project team. Etc. 



    Everyone working together to achieve a common goal, even when no one is watching, is one of the benefits of carrying everyone along while working with them in any organization. This means that each team member has to be totally dedicated to their task and actively involved in the project. Everyone on the team suffers, even if one member chooses to "drill" rather than "rowing holes," as it will affect the entire team heavily.



    In conclusion, the aforementioned phrase can serve as an effective reminder of what it takes for a team to succeed. And ways to ensure this include making sure that everyone is pursuing a shared objective and contributing to the team's overall success by creating clear expectations, cultivating trust, holding each other responsible, and recognizing victories. 

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