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  • Loving is so short forgetting is so long.

    Added Date - Jul 26, 2022

    Loving is so short forgetting is so long

    Loving is so short forgetting is so long, meaning when you love somebody; it will never last compared to when trying to forget them.



    Loving someone can be so amazing, especially when you tend to spend the best moment of your life around them. But, we all would agree that sometimes things might not go as planned in relationships. At times, slight attitudes and behaviours can make you develop a different perspective towards them. And as a result, the feeling you have for them decreases gradually. Whether you find yourself not loving someone, you once cared about, or someone stopped expressing that unique feeling towards you, you need to know that love doesn’t last. I know you might be wondering what about couples who are still together for years without separating or divorcing. Well, you must understand that there are times when you are with someone but still will not love them like you initially did at that moment. But down the road in life, you discover that you can never do without them simply because you cannot take your mind off them. That shows you the impact of love on people you interact with and share that special moment with.


    Love is affected by a lot of factors. When someone stops loving you, remember they will never forget you no matter how many years you separate from them. Always remember love never last, but memories do.

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