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  • Love Others so Radically They Wonder Why.

    Added Date - Jul 25, 2016

    Love Others so Radically They Wonder Why.

    When you love others so radically they wonder why it is difficult for them to respond with anything but love in return. Even the most hateful person in the world will have a hard time holding on to their hatred when you show them love and kindness to the extreme, and this will make them wonder about their own feelings and thoughts. Some of the wisest men and women through history have taught that love conquers all, and this emotion can even stop wars and make friends of the bitterest rivals. Slowly your love and unconditional acceptance can turn even a heart of ice and stone into one that warms up to you. When you hate or feel other negative emotions this hurts you, and the person that you have these negative emotions for will be untouched.

    Showing extreme love and kindness towards your fellow man is the right thing to do. Even the bible advocates turning the other cheek. When you show a radical amount of love to others this will give them a boost of positive emotions, and this can often be enough to turn their day, week, or even life around. The world today is full of impatience and even downright hostility. There is not enough love shown, and that is why the human race is in the situation that we are in today. Wars, murders, violent conflicts, and many of the other ills that happen every day would be avoided if people spent more time showing each other love and less time harboring negative emotions and grudges.

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