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  • Look at yourself in a thousand mirrors before you judge someone else.

    Added Date - Feb 22, 2022

    Look at yourself in a thousand mirrors before you judge someone else.

    Look at yourself in a thousand mirrors before you judge someone else, meaning do not judge when your attitudes and characters are unspeakable.



    Judging people is bad and inexpressible. People perform different actions or speak words due to their situation at that moment.  You might know what another individual may have been through in life, yet you end up judging their actions or words, which is not right. When you judge people, you hurt them. Most people are fond of judging their fellow brothers and sisters without considering the impact of their words or actions. At times people who judge others have bad characters and attitudes, yet they try to present themselves as better individuals. Just imagine yourself in that person's situation. Will you take that same step as they did? When you know your personality doesn’t speak the truth, never judge. If you are told to judge someone else, picture yourself in that situation first before you do.


    Whether as a believer or not, always know that judgment is for God. No matter the wrong a person may have done, learn to advise and encourage them instead of judging their action. When you do not judge people, they will look up to your good path instead of finding your downfall. 

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You know it makes me unhappy what's that When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy.

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