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  • Life is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving.

    Added Date - Mar 08, 2024

    Life is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving.

    Albert Einstein knew a thing or two about the physics of our universe, but he also understood the human experience too. This famous quote from a someone many consider to be the most intelligent person who ever lived succinctly explains the nature of life itself as one of constant change.


    It does so through something we are all familiar with, the idea of riding a bike. If we stop moving on a bike, then we lose balance and fall over, as it is the inertia of movement that helps maintain the necessary balance on the bike. In life it is the same, we must constantly move forward, developing relationships, goals, careers and so on. To stop moving means to stagnate, to be left behind by those around us and to, essentially, fall of the cycle of life itself.


    The bicycle analogy works in many ways, a rider must work harder as they reach a challenging obstacle such as a steep hill, and so it is in life. We cannot give up when faced with challenges, but instead must work to overcome them, effort is rewarded with achievement. But above all, it reminds us of the need for balance in all things. In life that means adapting as we go, as our environment, goals and responsibilities change, so we must adapt to maintain them. Just as the bicycle rider, we must keep moving and adapting to maintain that balance.

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