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  • Learning never exhausts the mind.

    Added Date - Oct 14, 2021

    Learning never exhausts the mind

    Learning never exhausts the mind meaning learning is a continuous process. No matter how much learning, it cannot affect your thinking ability because it never ends.

    Learning is one of the greatest things of life. It is a process that starts immediately after a child is born. No matter the amount of things you practice, you can’t know everything even till the day you die. When you learn, you apply your mind. The mind helps to assimilate whatever you are interested in learning, You can learn whatsoever you want either good or bad, but that does not control your mind. Your mind is your greatest asset in life. Whatever you want to think does not depend on what you learn. Instead, it remodifies your mind to know what is important. For instance, when a kids goes to school, most of them will conclude that learning is an exhausting process. And that’s true. But when you observe that child, as they grow in life they become eager to know more and they won’t still know it all. However, learning plays a major role in everyone’s life. What you learn has an impact on your life but the things you think and decide cannot be overshadowed by learning because your mind decides what’s right and wrong. Always remember, your mind is your greatest asset and you are the one in control of it, so embrace good learning, and seek more.


    You are never too old to learn, and the process of learning keeps your mind younger and more elastic at any age. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more power you have over your life and your destiny. Learning is new and exciting, whether you are exploring new topics and concepts or you are on a journey full of adventure to new and exotic locations. When you learn you stimulate your mind in a way that will never leave you exhausted or burnt out. You should never stop learning and expanding your mind, when this happens  then your mind will stagnate and start to wither rather than staying alert and active. Seek out knowledge and make an effort to learn through your entire life so that this does not happen to you.

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