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  • Jealousy is a disease get well soon.

    Added Date - Oct 19, 2021

    jealousy is a disease get well soon

    Jealousy is a disease get well soon meaning when you are not happy about other’s success and progress in life, it will affect your mind and wellbeing.


    Do you know moods towards a situation affect one’s thinking? Most especially if it something you so much desire in life. Almost everyone always claims to be happy whenever their friends, family, or even someone you don’t know of makes progress. And If you are that type of person that feels happy about others success. That’s a super B for you because you’re living an exemplary lifestyle. What you think, feel, or see, affects your mindset. When you develop a type of feeling that makes you hate or envy people most especially if they achieve something you haven’t achieved before, it makes your goals and dreams to be affected. You will lose total concentration and these have made lots of people from getting to the peak of their expected achievement in life. No matter how great your great idea seems to be in life when you do not appreciate the best of others, the law of karma will bounce back at you.


    So what do you do? The only solution is to get over that bad feelings. Change your mindset and what you think about other people’s achievements. When they are celebrating, do the same with them. Always remember, life has countless opportunities. Therefore, review your plans and keep on working towards achieving the best.

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