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  • If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

    Added Date - Oct 24, 2015

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    The truth is something that never changes, no matter how many times you tell it or how long it has been since you told it last. When you are honest and you do not lie about something then there is no need to remember which lies were told and try to keep everything straight. People who are dishonest are often tripped up because their memory is not sufficient to keep track of the stories that were told, and eventually this will catch up with you. Lying simply makes things more difficult for you, and eventually your lies will be found out. When this happens you will be seen as dishonest and people will not trust you in the future. As you get older your memory may not be as sharp and you may find that any lies you told are harder to remember.

    The saying honesty is the best policy is a saying to live by, as long as telling the truth does not cause someone terrible pain for no reason. Many people find a small white lie told to protect the feelings of someone you care about is nothing to be concerned over, like when someone asks if you like a new outfit or modern haircut that you think is unflattering. These small acts of kindness do not require you to remember any lies or half truths later on, and you are not trying to deceive or hurt anyone. In fact the opposite is true and you are being less than truthful because you care about the person and see no reason to hurt their feelings with your less than positive comment.

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