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  • If you don't like where you are move you're not a tree.

    Added Date - Mar 18, 2016

    If you don't like where you are move you're not a tree.

    If you don't like where you are move you're not a tree.Many people in this world spend their time being unhappy, complaining about where they are or where their life is headed without making any effort to change things or make the situation better. If you are unhappy where you are then you have the ability to move, shaking things up and changing your situation so that it is better than before. You are not a tree, you have not put down permanent roots that anchor you in place. You can move and change your location, as well as your situation, without too much trouble and effort. People have been changing their locations and migrating towards a better life for thousands of years and this is still a possibility today. You can stay where you are and stay unhappy with your circumstances or you can move and possibly change things for the better.

    If you do not like your current location then moving could solve your problems and help you find greater happiness. Whether you are hoping to find a better neighborhood, more friends, a job that offers better pay or benefits, or just a change of scenery and a different pace then relocating could offer this to you. There are many places where you might be happier and have a life that is more fulfilling but you have to take the first step and make a move if you want things to change. Don't be one of those people who are always complaining about where they live or how their life is turning out without ever trying to change things or make their situation better.

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