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  • Even after the fights and tears, I would chose you every time.

    Added Date - Oct 10, 2016

    I would chose you every time quotes

    Even after the fights and tears, I would chose you every time. Our love is like life, it has ups and downs, and no relationship is perfect. In spite of our disagreements and the hurt that we may have caused each other if I had the choice I would pick you every single time. The thought of being without you causes me pain and anguish and I could not imagine my life if you were not in it. All of the good times, the friendship and true caring that you have provided, make being with you worth every single tear and negative thought that I have ever had. With you I have someone who is always in my corner, someone who will support and defend me no matter what happens. We may fight but we always make up, and we both try to see things from the other ones point of view because we care enough to keep trying.

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