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  • I miss the moments we spent together.

    Added Date - Jun 13, 2020

    I miss the moments we spent together.

    I miss the moments we spent together meaning. Since you have left my life memories of our past continue to haunt me. I see you everywhere I go, with subtle reminders about the places we used to frequent and the things we used to do, and I spend much of my time reminiscing about the way that things used to be. I took our time for granted, never realizing how special it was or that one day our time would end. Now that we are no longer together I think back on our time and I grieve that it is no longer. Sometimes I ache for what used to be, wishing to be with you one last time or spend just a few minutes the way we used to in the past. I know that we are done, nothing can change that, but I cannot help but miss what we used to have sometimes.

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