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  • I just want someone who would be afraid to lose me.

    Added Date - Jun 11, 2020

    I just want someone who would be afraid to lose me.

    I just want someone who would be afraid to lose me meaning. When I care I care deeply and am scared that the one I love will leave or be taken away, and I want a partner who feels the same way. I want to be sure that you are in it forever and will never want me to go away. If you are not scared to lose me then you do not care enough about me to make an effort, to do whatever it takes to make me happy and make me feel loved and secure. I want to be the world, the moon and stars, everything that is important and that really matter. Someone who does not feel this way is not the right person for me because they will not stick around when we fall on hard times, and will probably run at the first sign of adversity. I want someone who values me and who feels like I am a treasure, someone that they want to keep and make a good life with. A relationship should be a partnership and I need to feel like I can trust my partner no matter what life may throw at us. If this is not the case then I have to move on so that I can find this.

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