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  • Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.

    Added Date - Oct 13, 2014

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    Sometimes the truth hurts, but in every case it is better than a lie. A lie may be more comforting for you to say and for someone else to hear, but the honest truth is typically what is needed. Nothing is more painful that finding out that someone no longer cares for you as a friend, or that your significant other has been cheating. It is better if someone is up front about their honest feelings even if it hurts to hear these. When you try to comfort someone and you tell lies in order to reach this end then the lie could end up causing significantly more pain in the long run. Life can be hard and we must all face painful truths at times, and these are better when they are met head on and dealt with immediately.

    When someone is honest and they tell the truth then this may hurt, but it is better than the alternative. Sometimes a relationship will hang on for months or even years just because one individual is not honest about how they feel, and they want to avoid causing pain to another. Eventually the truth will come out, it always does, and when this happens the other person feels hurt but also betrayed and lied to. This can create trust issues in future relationships, whether it is between romantic interests or even friendships. The person who has been lied to may have a difficult time believing people because they have been deceived. It is better to be honest up front, because there is a plan that god has eve if you can not see it right now. Maybe the relationship was not meant to be, and lying in order to comfort a person

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