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  • Hard Work Beats Talent

    Added Date - Feb 12, 2015

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    If you have a choice between hard work and natural talent then you should always choose hard work. There is a limit to how far your talents can take you in life unless you put some effort in, but there is no limit to what you can achieve with hard work, dedication, and persistence. If you are naturally gifted at dance then this comes easily, but someone who does not share this natural gift may spend hours practicing each day to reach the same level of performance. As a result of all the practice and hard work the dancer who has practiced a routine over and over again will know it inside and out, and will provide a flawless performance that stands out. The dancer who started with talent but did not put much effort in over the months and years will never get the same results.

    Talent is not something that you can take credit for, it is something that you have naturally. Anyone can be talented in a certain area but this means nothing without hard work as well. Someone with little or no talent can learn to perfect anything with a lot of effort and practice, but someone with talent but no drive and motivation will not get far in life because they are not willing to work hard in order to achieve a certain goal. Someone who is willing to work hard and put in a lot of time and effort will succeed, but just having talent without the drive and desire to reach the top will not be enough.

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