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  • Repeat after me. God will supply all our needs. Amen.

    Added Date - May 31, 2022

    Repeat after me. God will supply all our needs. Amen.

    Repeat after me. God will supply all our needs. Amen. Meaning when you believe in His name and trust Him, He will be there to provide and address anything that is bothering you.



    Do you truly believe God can supply your needs? Well, it is highly possible if and only if you have faith in him. When you have, it is always good to give to those who do not have. This is because the act of generosity has a reward from God. Nothing in life is constant. There are situations you might be down financially, emotionally, mentally, or even feel lonely, and due to this, you can lack peace of mind. You do not have to bother anymore because all things are possible with God. You do not have to suffer anymore if you trust and believe in Him. The power of faith can cause a change beyond manly imagination. All it takes is to reaffirm your faith in Him and, deeply from your heart, pray to him. God sees all your problems and knows what is best for you.


    Finally, learn to work and pray. A lot of people call unto God to address their needs, yet they do not make a single effort to make things easy. You must know that not everything you ask from God that He will provide all of a sudden, but what He starts in your life, He will definitely complete it.

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