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  • God is within her, she will not fall.

    Added Date - Sep 09, 2020

    God is within her, she will not fall

    God is within her, she will not fall Psalm 46:5. Meaning that when you have god within you it is impossible for you to fail if this is not god's will. God can perform miracles and make the impossible possible, he can give you super human strength or any skills needed to get the job done. When you pray daily and give thanks to the lord often then the lord is within you, strengthening and fortifying you so that falling is not an option. God rewards your loyalty by helping you succeed when your path is righteous and your intentions are just.

    When entire populations turn away from god then chaos, anarchy, and no respect for the sanctity of life is the result. This is happening everywhere around the globe as god is removed from consideration when it comes to society. Sodom and Gomorrah both had populations of immoral people and they both fell because god had turned away. As long as you are faithful and you have god within you it is possible to accomplish any feat no matter how large or difficult.

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