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  • Forgiving it's easy, it's trusting again which is hard.

    Added Date - Aug 18, 2016

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    Forgiving it's easy, it's trusting again which is hard. Once someone has betrayed you it takes time to forgive them, and even after you reach this point you will find that trusting them again is difficult or even impossible in some cases. The deeper the betrayal the more difficult it will be for you to trust once more. Even when you have forgiven the person there will usually be a voice in the back of your head warning that this person could betray you just like they have in the past. You must learn to trust again if you are ever going to have a healthy friendship or romantic relationship, but this is hard because of your past experience with the person.

    If someone has betrayed you and you have forgiven them then it may be possible to rebuild trust although the relationship will never go back to the way it was before you were betrayed. As time goes by the pain and feelings of betrayal may lessen but you will always remember what the person did, forgiving but not forgetting. Recovering complete trust in the person may not be possible, but if they are truly sorry for what they did and they understand the error of their ways then eventually the relationship may recover. It will never be like it was before but it can be a good relationship once more if you can get over whatever happened and are willing to start trusting once more. At first you may be very cautious but eventually the person will regain your trust if they are sincere.

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