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  • For with god nothing shall be impossible.

    Added Date - Jul 29, 2016

    For with god nothing shall be impossible.

    No matter what you want to achieve always remember that it is possible, for with god nothing shall be impossible even if all the odds are stacked against you. God parted the Red Sea so that Moses could bring his people out of Egypt and away from the Pharoah, and god protected Daniel in the lion's den. Compared to feats like David and Goliath your hopes and goals seem small in comparison. When you have god on your side and he walks with you through life you will always have what you need. This does not mean that you can simply pay lip service and pray for a new Mercedes or a mansion in Beverly Hills and god will give it to you like winning the lottery.

    God believes that you should be willing to work hard, be faithful, and provide for yourself. When you do this then you are rewarded, and if your goals are in god's plan then he will help you achieve them. You can climb the hardest mountain or take on the most Herculean task, and when you have god on your side and you are following his plan the impossible suddenly becomes possible. Miracles still happen today, although the number of people who believe in them has become smaller as the faithful have been led astray. Instant gratification and wish fulfillment on demand is not something that god will give you, patience is also a virtue and must be used. In the end god will provide and nothing is impossible as long as he wills it.

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